Basic Materials

Basic Refractory Products
CeramSource, Inc supplies different kinds of basic refractory products including Fired Magnesia Brick, Direct bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick, Rebonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick, Semi-re-bonded Magnesia-Chrome bricks, Periclase Spinel Brick, alumina-spinel Brick and Magnesia-Carbon Brick

Fired Magnesia Brick 
The regular fired magnesia brick is made from dead burned (or sintered) magnesia, it has high refractoriness and good corrosion resistance, and widely used in the permanent lining of EAF, BOF, glass furnace and non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces. The high purity fired magnesia brick with MgO content higher than 95% is made from electro fused magnesia and can be used in the various furnaces. According to the customer’s requirements, the pitch impregnated brick can be supplied too

Direct Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick
This product is made from high purity magnesia and chromite materials and sintered under the high temperature in the tunnel kiln, it’s widely used in the lining of the RH/DH vessel , cement rotary kiln, glass tank furnace, non-ferrous metal metallurgical furnace, AOD, VOD furnaces, etc.

Re-Bonded Magnesia- Chrome Brick
This product is made from fully electro-fused MgO-Cr2O3 grain, and fired under more than 1700 ° C with weak oxidizing atmosphere. It’s a high quality Magnesia Chrome product with excellent strength & volume stability at high temperature, excellent slag corrosion resistance and erosion resistance; widely used in second-refining furnance, like slag line of VOD and AOD, RH/DH’s snorkels and regenerators of glass kiln ,etc.

Semi-Re-Bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick 
This product is made from electro fused MgO-Cr2O3 grain, fused magnesia, chromite and some sintered MgO-Cr2O3 grain, then fired at high temperature. It has some characteristics both direct bonded and re-bonded, like dense inner structure, lower porosity, good high temperature strength, thermal shock resistance is better than re-bonded, slag erosion resistance better than direct bonded. It can be used in sidewall of EAF, DH/RH degasser, VOD, LF, AOD’s side wall/bottom or free board and some serious parts like slag line, regenerators of glass furnace, etc.

Magnesia-carbon brick 
This product is made from dead burned pure magnesia (or fused magnesia with larger crystallite size ), good-quality flake graphite materials, resin binder with or without antioxidant materials and pressed under higher pressure. Because the magnesia and graphite can’t fuse together, their good properties can be kept, like excellent corrosion resistance to basic slag and high resistance to spalling . It’s mainly used in the working lining of EAF, BOF, second refining furnace, EBT, ladle slag-lines and so on.