Refractory Flow Control Parts - Graphite Stopper Rods, Graphite Nozzles, and Slide Gates.

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Flow Control Parts: Graphite Stopper Rods, Graphite Nozzles, and Slide Gates

CeramSource offers an variety of graphite nozzles and stopper rods catering to the molten metal transfer for tundishes or continuous casting molds.

These products are custom designed, made from alumina graphite materials isostatically pressed.

Ladle shroud is designed to protect the molten steel from re-oxidization and splashing during casting, and most of these products are non-preheated and can be reusable.

Stopper rod is designed to control the molten steel & iron flow from the ladle to the tundish (or the mould) for the purpose to keep the consistent level. Submerged entry nozzle is served to protect and control the molten steel stream between the tundish and the mould during casting.

Main benefits of Stopper rods and nozzles are easy installation, thermal shock and abrasion resistance and excellent thermal strength.