Silica Blanket


Silica Blanket is a high temperature insulation made from amorphous silica.  This is an excellent alternative to Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) Insulation and can be used in a applications up to 2000°F continuous.


  • – Non-combustibility, high stable chemical properties, excellent insulation material
  • – High recovery rate after compression, shock and vibration resistance
  • – Enormous number of minute air spaces, making it excellent sound absorption
  • – Low shrinkage at high temperature, the shrinkage of HASI type at 1000°C is max. 1%
  • – Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation material
  • – Max. service temperature, ASI type, HASI type–1100°C
  • – After forming pipe, excellent resistance for wind velocity


The Main Application

  • – Steelworks, Aluminum industry, petro-chemical industry
  • – Furnace industry: thermal insulation for duct
  • – Machinery, household appliances: thermal insulation material
  • – Autos and motorcycles: thermal and acoustical insulation material for exhaust pipe, muffler

Chemical Properties of Silica Blanket


Thermal Properties of Silica Blanket


Heat Shrinkage of Silica Blanket


Measurements of Silica Blanket


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